Monday, June 8, 2009

Spring in New Hampshire

Good Mornin! So if you havent noticed its Spring outside! And its not until I came here to D'Acres that I really knew what that meant. To actually be able to make out a discernable difference amongst the landscape from winter to spring and feel like a surgence of green power took over this land almost overnight is astonishing. Sure the days have gotten warmer but not by my standards. I still think its cold. You see Im from New Jersey. The Jersey Shore to be exact. And when it gets warm out its like summer and everyone is heading to the beach with their bathing suit. But the temperature fluctuates here like a woman trying to figure out what to wear for a party. So to see these plants grow and thrive and double in size day by day is amazing. Where are they getting all their energy from? I want to dig a hole into the ground, stick my hand in it and tap into that source of energy. I know its down there!

But Ladies and Gentlemen and faithful readers....ohh the beautiful flowers! The plethora of flowers on this land. And you would never think it because they can be so unassuming. Yet the joy of stumbling upon one; it would be like finding a pearl in an oyster. It can be so majestic. If you've ever found or seen a Pink Lady's Slipper you'll know what I mean.

They come in all shapes and sizes. Yesterday I couldve sworn I saw the tinniest flower in the world and that's after declaring this statement 3 times already. What's fun and always surprising is how you would never think that there are probably over 100 different species of flowers here because they can be so hidden or found in random spots. Like underneath a rocky cliff or on a mossy rock. They can just spring up from nothing: beautiful, intricate and so delicate. Its remarkable! Everyday I discover a new one and look forward to looking it up in a flower book. I feel so privledged to be able to see, touch and smell these flowers that have seemed for so long to be only found in books. I cant remember the last time I was so excited and awh struck by spring. So next time you step outside stop and smell the flowers! They're there you just have to look.
Peace and Flowers,

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Eat Local!

Today from 4-6pm at the Common in downtown Plymouth we are hosting a launch event for the the new 2009 Pemi-Baker Valley Guide to Local Foods, Farms and Homegrown Goods.

Many of the local farms featured in the guide will be present to share their goods and their knowledge.

Hope to see you there!