Saturday, November 21, 2009

No snow yet...

As this Tropical November continues to keep us warm and working outside, it seems all the harder to sit just a few words this week.

We're still finding weeds that need pulling, trees that need mulching, and kale that needs harvesting. Although the daylight is increasingly short-lived, we're out there until the end, keeping our hands dirty and our backs seeking the sun's weak warmth until darkness really descends. Granted, that means we're indoors by 5:30, which leaves us with lots of time to think about all the food we've spent so many months growing, harvesting, and preserving.

We eat so well! so much flavor! so much health! For this we are effusively grateful, each meal akin to a mini-Thanksgiving. We are, nonetheless, looking forward to the real holiday with much excitement.

So a happy and healthy Thanksgiving feast to all! May you spend the day with folks you care about, eating food you care about, talking on topics you care about. May merriment and mirthmaking prevail, may we all be refreshed in the beauty and joy that is the act of sharing food with others.