Tuesday, October 30, 2007

week of the Full Moon

This past week, we celebrated the Full Moon (October 26th) with a community potluck dinner and open mic featuring a number of fantastic dinner entrees, Michael's homemade tortillas, one of Ken's famous desserts (this time it was chocolate pudding pie with french vanilla ice cream...mmmm...), drums, rattles, fiddles, mandolins, guitars, vocals...thanks to everyone who joined us in celebration! And, Happy Birthday Darcie! Thanks for sharing your evening with us!

Speaking of Darcie, she (Darcie Shedd) will be joining us at D Acres every Friday beginning Nov. 2nd to teach a new Anusara-style yoga class at the farm! This will nicely compliment Sarah Hall's terrific Wednesday night yoga class, also held onsite here at D Acres. Yoga is open to the public for a sliding-scale donation of $5-$10 per class: Wed. 6:30-7:45pm, Fri. 6:00-7:30pm.

Louie is recovering from quite the serious run-in with a tree limb while chainsawing in the woods...luckily, his back is on the mend, and should continue to heal so long as he avoids reinjury (hear that, LD...take it easy this week!!)

Writing Workshop with Carli Carrara was fantastic on Friday. We will be sad to see Carli move south this winter, but wish her the best of luck and happiness, as she will be living closer to her grandkids. We warmly welcome Nylah Lyman, who will be the new faciliator of our writing group!

Lee Ann and I finished our batch of her family-recipe homemade relish...I didn't even know that I liked relish, but it's delicious! It was quite the endeavor, but it gave us lots of time to chat and brainstorm other projects that Lee Ann, Jeremiah, and Benny Zeoli can help us out with at the farm, and we certainly enjoyed the relish process. Our "famous" relish will soon be for sale via Local Foods Plymouth (http://lfp.dacres.org/) and at the Norwich Winter Farmer's Market (first one is Nov. 17th, 10am-2pm).

Saturday I attended the Small and Beginner Farmers of New Hampshire (SBFNH) conference in Tilton- it was a great opportunity to network with other local farmers, and to catch up with some friends who I haven't seen in quite awhile. Sunday, for the farm tour portion of the process, I visited Bonnie Brae Red Deer Farm in Plymouth- Henry Ahern gave a wonderful tour of the farm he operates with his wife, Cindy. The red deer themselves are beautiful and healthy, and they seem to thoroughly enjoy their fields and forests at Bonnie Brae.

We had a strong frost Sunday night/Monday morning...each time the temperature drops it spurs us to move even faster to try to squirrel away what food we can still harvest and to put the gardens to bed weed-free and well-mulched before winter...


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bridges are being built at D Acres

#2 bridge is operable!!

The D Acres Trails, Bridges and Interpretation Project is rolling towards fruitition here at the farm. We have completed bridge #2 and pulled the beams over it yesterday for bridge #3...these beats are rugged, as LD says "you could land a crop duster on that bridge"...i strippped 2 of the #3 logs yesterday before the weekly meetings. Today I am gonna fetch some stone, skin another log and get the beams into place if possible. Then we move onto the kiosk and the development of trail improvement around the community building and the interpretation...the bridge and trails project has been a super opportunity to work as a team and sort out the details and logistics as we go under a common theme...lots of heavy things to be moved and decisions to be made along the way but when we have a goal and enthusiasm we move forwards...many thanks to Joe, bill, louie, jess, kat, pat, josh b, kevin, ky, michael and marika who have put blood sweat smiles and laughter to the woods this fall...

Friday, October 19, 2007

fall is here!!

Green house and Weather Station

wooowzers...fall is here, farming and life are so vivid and real so tangible every breath and color observed have a magnificent signifigance, moments are passing but we are primed to absorb and relish this time...activity is accentuated by the fleeting seasons and the time that we have to share with one another thanks ma and pa, sister and brother

we are closing up shop trying to prepare for the seasons...mainly our efforts have focused on the outside work...the gardens need weeding and mulch, the bridges in the woods are getting built, the new greenhouse is settlin in and there is a weather station off the back deck...steady traffic of guests here for leaf season, we had a very pleasant weekend with our neighbors from the north during the first weekend in Oct, se bon...last night was the first amplified public session of Josh Blye and the D Acres family band, there is an open mic scheduled for next friday night the 26th after the potluck...should be a hoot an annnie

we are excited about fall events..there is a film fest Nov 3rd for step it up and Mark Fulford is here for two days Nov 10&11th...saturday nite is a north dorchester theme party...gonna be a WIG nite so should be a great time to shake it down..looks like i am heading south to argentina this winter, hopefully before christmas then next summer i would like to join the bread and puppet circus next summer...we are trying to organize a collaborative speaker guild to get inspirators to the region...as someone recently told us we are at a crucial stage and we need to act...so join in union with nature and make something happen here...no more talk, DO

pat Kong has been great to hang with a strong back and a sly smile...jesus man that was a six footer you hauled in

i will miss you KAT, come back soon...thanks for being you!!! ride on
much love y continued good vibes for the evolution
paz yall

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The community of Dacres wants to commend every pirate for coming together in a celebration of life! Good Times and Great Friends make a bondfire magical as Capt. CrazyI went another night without catching his sails on fire.

There has not been any slowing down on the farm as each day is getting shorter and shorter. The warmer weather has been very enjoyable while each of us at task in hand, trying to get as much done that is allowed. A great edition has been added south of the Red Barn Inn,TheBlacksmith formally named joe set up shop and will be here through December banging away.