Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Traditional Arts Fair 2009

September has brought us many days with beautiful clear skies and many visitors to the farm. We continue to move through this harvest season, putting food by for the winter and serving up the fresh foods to all who pass through the D Acre's doors.

On September 12th, we welcomed over 30 artists and nearly 100 fair participants for the 2009 Traditional Arts Fair. It was a unique celebration of traditional art and craft, as many local artists shared their skills with the wider community. Such workshops and demonstrations as bookbinding with Sheila Williams, fabric painting with Susan Wei, building with nature with Cynthia Robinson, dying wool using natural materials with Gary Hamel, blacksmithing with Rob Hudson, spoonmaking with Jim McHugh, and so much more! We went into the evening ready to enjoy a spectacular line-up of entertainment. We welcomed back The Modern Times Theater and their political Punch & Judy puppet show, as well as Bob Weick performing Howard Zinn's Marx in Soho. To end the night, nationally acclaimed barn dance callers and fiddlers, Jaqueline and Dudley Laufman, sent us swinging in each others arms and stomping the grass down under our feet.

All in all in was a wonderful event that is sure to keep buzzing around the area. We hope all who attended were able to take home a new skill or piece of knowledge about the simple time-honored skills involved in craft and art.

We hope to see you at the farm again soon.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Leaves, they are a-changin'

What a weekend here on the farm!

Hey there. Steph here, checking in on the recent happenings here at D Acres.

We hosted approximately 40-50 rock climbers in the hostel and on the grounds the entire weekend. It was like grand central station! We made sure everyone was well fed before hitting the crags every day, and I think it was much appreciated. On Sunday morning, we fed 30 or so guests from 7:30-8:30am before prepping for D Acres' monthly Farm Feast Breakfast for 72 people at 10am! We worked very well as a team
and completed the task with smiles on our faces.

I fed the pigs this morning and was greeted with grunts of satisfaction. Little Rocket was the first to begin tugging at my pants before I could get his meal to him.

Everyone has been so busy getting things together for the Traditional Arts Fair here at D Acres this Saturday (the 12th, be there or be square). Luckily, everything is falling into place nicely due to the dedication, motivation, and organization of on and all at the farm. I'm so excited! Check out our website at www.dacres.org to learn more about the Trad Arts Fair, including the schedule and presenter bios.

Karen has been working long and hard spear-heading the bulk of the harvest in time for fall. We are all doing our part weeding, preparing beds for the cold, and planting fall crops. You should have seen the size of the carrot that was harvested yesterday morning! Definitely a pounder, at least!