Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bridges are being built at D Acres

#2 bridge is operable!!

The D Acres Trails, Bridges and Interpretation Project is rolling towards fruitition here at the farm. We have completed bridge #2 and pulled the beams over it yesterday for bridge #3...these beats are rugged, as LD says "you could land a crop duster on that bridge"...i strippped 2 of the #3 logs yesterday before the weekly meetings. Today I am gonna fetch some stone, skin another log and get the beams into place if possible. Then we move onto the kiosk and the development of trail improvement around the community building and the interpretation...the bridge and trails project has been a super opportunity to work as a team and sort out the details and logistics as we go under a common theme...lots of heavy things to be moved and decisions to be made along the way but when we have a goal and enthusiasm we move forwards...many thanks to Joe, bill, louie, jess, kat, pat, josh b, kevin, ky, michael and marika who have put blood sweat smiles and laughter to the woods this fall...

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