Saturday, November 17, 2007

firewood frenzy

After ten years one would think we would get on top of the firewood scenario...and to a degree we have, the chipper is set to deliver bedding for the pigs after we have filled the ox area...we are clearing a new pasture to the east of the homestead, it is pretty optimal conditions...ground fairly frozen but still good traction..a strong crew of sawyers, splitters and stackers is making the job result in is amazing how we pull together and work zealous for an agreed agenda...everyone is putting in effort to get ready for a winter to share...

We are very excited about the upcoming D Acres open mike and is fantastic to host talented musicians in this area with an informal setting to share the vibrations..the next potluck is on the 25th and the open mike is scheduled for the last friday of every month (nov 30th)

Last Thursday we welcomed a friend from NC named Trey (his nickname is T-Rex and he is a friendly dinosaur). Trey is here to experience the north country, exploring a new direction in which he can share his love of landscaping. It is wonderful to have a life long friend and nurseryman on the project and we hope Trey can establish a professional presence as a landscape designer and implementor for this region. The combination of Trey's experience as a designer and our knowledge of edible, medicinals and ornamentals presents a great opportunity to spread the forest garden and edible landscape concept. If you are interested in site work or plantings in the spring, contact Trey at the farm.

The sad news on the farm is the departure of three great friends..Michael and Marika have volunteered on the farm throughout the summer. They were in the SCA as trail crew for the Squam Lakes Assoc and helped with trails, campfires, dance parties and good vibes throughout. Guarantees theres a brite future for these two. We hope to host Michael next summer as he passes through on the App trail journey.

Pat Kong left Friday am on the long journey to Nepal. His presence, essence and vitality as a human will sorely be missed. Effort and wry humor characterize this individual who will not be undone. Thanks for the gift, didnt last long though. Sorry about your last night being soo uneventful.

miss ya until we meet again

thanks for coming and being real

paz, amor y felicidad
viva la revolution

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