Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Willie has not been the only one getting catnaps in after a good hot lunch, but the warmer temps allowed this NC boy a liitle more room to move outside to move and I do mean the slipping all over the ice. Not sure how many times I fell down or any of the other Dacres crew, but I am sure glad I can still laugh about it. There is know more saying what were going to be doing next year. Here it is in the middle of January and I know April will be here in a month. We are making plans to accommodate our busy schedules. Yes over to the right will be a Kiosk, Dacres is going to have their own informative welcome center. The warmer temps earlier last week made a great day outdoors to construct the roof. I am sure every one riding by the property over the last 2 months was wondering what these 3 huge trees stuck in the ground with crazy bracing all over is for.

Dacres has a intern on board that I know I am learning alot from. Andy has been baking for the Lebanon market and for the farmers potluck. He has jumped right in and has taken over some of the construction of the kiosk. Untill next time everyone. Thanks LD

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louie'sfolks said...

Looks like Willie has the best idea of all on how to handle the NH winter. DAcres must be a good influence.