Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not the New Guy Anymore!

Hello -

JJ here and I have been the new guy for the last 3 1/2 weeks here @ We had a new person start Friday, who you just might hear from soon.

My first few days were full of new ways of doing things for me and continue to amaze and challenge myself in different ways - Never think you have nothing left to learn!

So what are some of these challenges?

-Slow down and hurry up
Having my own computer consulting business and being part of the world of instantaneous gratification, being able to slow down, feel deeply what needs doing and then doing it without distraction, is what I mean by slow down and hurry up.

There is a sense of urgency to all that goes on here as the growing season is short and the work never-ending. From planting, transplanting, cleaning up after farm animals, sorting out problems with electrical fences, finding and fixing issues with solar driven irrigation and a multitude of special projects, keep us all very busy.

Also, due to my business, the fastest internet connection available, plus a redundant DSL connection, makes the satellite internet here seem like dial-up! There are several computer-related projects I am involved with and they help to keep work balanced between outside and inside work.

-Appreciate deeply all that you have
This relates to relationships (A shout out to my wife Beth and daughter, Kira) who are back in Florida while I participate here @ dacres. Housing is included here as my "dwelling" here is a yurt with a small wood stove from fourdog - Add two batteries, one 5amp/hr battery charged by a 7w solar panel and a larger 60amp/hr battery charged by a 60w solar array, provides for basic lights, fan, music, computer and keeping my air bed blown up solid. I am really living large compared to some of the folks living here in small tents. Check out the photo of the yurt and you all can see how this fits into the dacres environment.

Food also falls into this category as we tend to eat primarily what the garden is producing at any given time. My absolute favorite is the rhubarb which is already extremely prolific and my taste is for it fresh and raw directly cut from the plant! That tang cannot be found with other foods nor from store bought rhubarb...

-Do not waste ANYTHING
Almost everything I have encountered @ dacres has been used and re-used and used again. Bean trellises (I got the repair many rather than re-build them from scratch as I was initially inclined), buckets, boxes, zip-lock & plastic bags and on and on. Think hard before you throw something away as you may be able to re-use it!


Nature abounds around the farm and surrounding area - I have taken many bike rides and hikes that continue to amaze me with the variety this part of New Hampshire has to offer visitors. This being Memorial Day Weekend, we have been very busy with Hostel Guests, campers and I got to do my part and make more than 6 dozen scrambled eggs for more than 30 guests this morning (plus all the cleanup that goes along with it! -ok ok, I did have some some help ;-). There was also pancakes, buckwheat, kale and blueberry dressing along with dacres maple syrup. What a nice way to help so many people start the Sunday. eh?

Plus, after 3 1/2 weeks, I had my first guest stay with me for the weekend - Another shout out to Joseph who left just a little while ago back to NY.

There is so much more to tell, so why not come visit and find out for yourself?

All the best and live lightly,

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