Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sun is shining.

Sun is shining today in a pale blue sky. Rain rain rain will come again some other day. The earth has gotten good and wet, Her offspring flexing fibrous green muscle.
Digging in the dirt to plant the things we need and remove what we don't lets me observe the world beneath the toes- earthworms aerating, beetles scuttling, orange salamanders shimmying. There is no lack of birdsong to the day. Chop wood, shovel loam, hill potatoes, harvest greens, weed the gardens, feed the animals, feed yourself.
Three weeks at the farm and I am proving the rule: the more you learn, the less you know. I've entered D Acres as a seedling, thirsty for the sustenance of fresh air, fresh food, and good-natured folks who are happy to be alive and learning.

What I know is that the farm is an ever-changing creation; an experiment with a few controls and many variables. Lots of positive energy and passionate creativity. Laughter during work. Laughter during play. Fresh food. An emphasis on self-knowledge and labor as practical tools.
This place is all right.


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