Friday, December 11, 2009

There's always something..

Two nights ago I climbed the ladders of my personal ascension, ready to curl up in my nest of a bed in the top of our D Acres silo. My thoughts were on the cold, the whirling snow, the months of whiteness that stretch before us...and the haven of my bed I was ready to bundle into.

When I reached the top floor, however, I received an unexpected shock. Snow! Everywhere! Not much, but a dusting that made my box of letters seem ghostly and my sleeping bag anything but inviting. Still, my stubbornness becomes increasingly pronounced the harsher the situation, so turning around for a warm(ish) night's rest inside our community building was not on the docket. I proceeded to brush and blow, shake and scrape those beautiful - and entirely unwanted - piles of snowflakes off and away from the least-impacted "corner" of my round abode. Two hats on my head, booties on my feet, I zipped myself in and hoped for the best.

I can say it turned out fairly well. There were a few patches of snow that I'd missed at night and found by morning once my body heat had melted them into dampness. Other than that, I was warm inside my layers, and when I corralled the gumption to wiggle myself out and greet the morning light, I have to admit it was a remarkably picturesque little scene.

But not one that was to last. I spent the morning "winterizing": Bags, blankets, clothes, boots, books swept off and shaken out; plastic hung over the biggest gaps (measured in square footage, not inches); and remay stuck in the holes between walls and roof. With some imagination, it looks like dainty (dirty) gauze hung lightly from a regal poster bed.

I've been told I can display above-average optimism.

Regardless, it is a similar process all around the farm. Now that the snow and cold seem here for real, we're finding details that need fixing, or cracks that need plugging, or projects that simply need to be completed. Engaged in such is how you'll find us these days here at D Acres.

Come at strategic dates, however, and you can enjoy some good food as well. Sat. 12/19 - SOUP NIGHT!! or Sun 12/20 - SOLSTICE POTLUCK!! or Mon 12/21 - OPEN MIC/POETRY SLAM/POTLUCK. It may be winter, but you don't have to stay home every night.

So head on out, join us! It'll give us an excuse to start a fire.



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moosh said...

I wish I lived near, This sounds like a great place to visit. Admire your resourcefulness.