Sunday, January 10, 2010

Laughs and Smiles!

I'm new here at D Acres, but it doesn't feel that way so much. Apart from not knowing where all the dishes go, it's as though I've been here for years. I kinda fell into place, just by walking through the door. I was warmly welcomed and I very much look forward to living, working and growing here.
As week one comes to an end, I find myself surrounded by family, friends, a list of chores, a stack of books and a pretty sweet spot to rest my head and warm my feet. There is enough room for me to shine in any direction I should happen to choose. When I emerge from the cocoon of my sleeping bag, i'm free to stretch my wings, and also get some help learning to fly.
I believe it would take a very long time for a chap to absorb the vast quantity and quality of knowledge that is in, of and around this place. Not to mention the artistry, the talent, the experience and the down-right dirty, hard work that is the driving force behind the big wooden gears of D Acres.
That atmosphere is easy, the work is hard, and the rewards stretch far beyond my tiny little existence.I look forward to each new day and the laughs and smiles that are sure to accompany it. Cause thats just the way it is around here. Laughs and smiles!

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