Friday, August 10, 2012

Moving On

So as I am readying for departure from here, I prepare myself to get back to the grind of classrooms and textbooks. I am not leaving empty handed, however, far from it. I have learned incredible amounts and am taking with me every speck of knowledge that I have managed to soak up over the past 11 weeks. What is happening here is quite incredible and very different from what most people get to experience in their everyday lives. It is a much simpler way of life, where your worries aren’t about how much money your making or financial security, its about having what you need around you. Its about growing your own food for the good of the land and having a community of people to depend upon to be working there beside you. It is a model of communal living, not without its flaws of course, but incredible nonetheless. I feel privileged to have been able to live and learn here for the past two and a half months. A very warm thank you goes out to all here at D Acres who have taught me patiently and answered my many questions informatively. This was an experience that I will not forget.
Thank you to the crew of Summer 2012!

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