Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What a fabulous turnout for Easter Sunday! Well over 150 plates, and the crew really came together for Farm Feast, everyone was fed in under 10 minutes, where else can you find that kind of service? Next Farm Feast is May 3rd. Join us for a Bird Walk at 6:15 a.m.!

Farm Feast Breakfast Crew! (not pictured: Bree - photographer)
And Pizza and a Movie was pretty great too! We watched American Nomads (available online here). The narrator really pulls you into the story, and tells a tale of the variety of nomadic lifestyles across all age groups.

University of NH
Plymouth State University
The farm tours have been a great success over the past two weeks and a wide variety of visitors are also checking it out. Did you know that true sustainability starts with a paradigm shift in the way we think, and the actions we take? It's great to foster and seed the young with new ideas and thoughts that they can take and hopefully engage in growing and developing.

We had the opportunity to create an 80s box out of the Clothing Swap!!  80s Era Dance Party in the works! There was a lot of action at this year's Clothing Swap, the fashion show was an added bonus! Thanks Burt for modeling for us!

Our babies in the solarium are growing up, so quickly too! We've been moving plants out to the greenhouse this past week, taking care to keep them covered as they harden up for the next phase.  Spring really has sprung! The ground is thawing, the chickens are laying well over a dozen a day, the ponds are filling and the pussy willows are peeking!

Check out this video! Farmer Rich and Resident James presided over "Mustgo Kraut" making on Volunteer Day in March, I mentioned it last week, enjoy the show!

The Red House Renovation is going along at a great pace! The floors and walls have been treated with Vermont Natural Coatings water-based poly. We are ready to rock the night this Saturday at the Book Release Party with DJ Skar!

We'll be utilizing this space as part of the Hostel this summer - shared sleeping space, BYOBedding!
You know Spring has officially arrived when the climbers start pouring in! The Hostel at D Acres also has private rooms and field camping! Have you thought about a get-a-way yet this summer? Click here for more info on our accommodations!


Have you tried growing them? No? It's unbelievably simple!

Step One: Find a jar
Step Two: Fill it 1/4 of the way with what you want to sprout. We do Mung Beans, Lentils, and Quinoa! Cover with cheese cloth.
Step Three: Fill with water and leave alone for 12 hours
Step Four: Drain and rinse, and set it up so it drains like this
Step Five: Rinse morning and night, set up out of the sun, and continue draining until you see sprouts
Four-six days later - healthy delicious sprouts ready to eat!

What's coming up?

Celebration of the Book! - April 18th dance the night away with music from Jazz Pianist Mike Puleo (6-9) and DJ Skar from 9 - ?
Embroidery with Jen Alba 4/18, 25 and May 2
Potluck and Open Mic 4/24
Bird Walk and Farm Feast May 3rd
Hello! From the Winter Crew 2015 - Ben, James, Sonia, Bree & Josh

PS: Have you purchased your copy of The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm yet? Here's the link!

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