Saturday, December 8, 2007

Snowy Nights and Open Mics

We had our first Open Mic a week ago, and I'd say that it went pretty well. We're always looking to improve upon it, and one such way is the potential for recording an event like that, or perhaps even videotaping it. Many incredible artists came by to share their talents with everyone, and the late night crowd was around playing music until almost 1:30 AM. Many thanks to everyone who came by to make it an awesome night, and many thanks to Dan, for bringing the PA system!

Jim Merkel gave an excellent presentation this past Wednesday on sustainability. I thought the crowd was very receptive and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the talk. Reducing our footprints seems to be a key factor in approaching sustainability, and we're all striving to reach that!

Woodshop shenanigans continue.

J Blye./

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louie'sfolks said...

looks like LD is back on the harmonica, I want to join with my guitar this spring
Louie's Folks