Monday, December 24, 2007

Snowy Solstice

We celebrated the Winter Solstice, the return of the sun after the darkening of the days through the autumn, on both Friday and Saturday. Friday, we had a dinner made of 100% local foods, most of which we grew on the farm- squash soup (okay, cinnamon in the soup wasn't local- that's the exception!), beets, kale, green beans and organic bread made by Bill! Dinner was followed by a bonfire to pay tribute to the returning sun, and to combust attachments no longer needed coming into the new year. Saturday night we hosted our community Solstice potluck and were joined by about 35 friends and neighbors to share delicous food, music, and another- this one a LARGE- bonfire. A good time was had by all.

It is also snowball season here in the Pemi-Baker Valley, and we have done our best this week to honor the Snow Gods by sending our own frozen projectiles through the air. At our solstice potluck, we had kids of all ages join in a good hearted, but pretty intense, snowball fight over, around, and through the bonfire. We seemingly have an ongoing friendly snowball fight that happens here at the farm, so be sure to be on your toes from now until spring thaw! Bill and I ambushed Louie (after he had tricked each of us, on seperate occasions, by knocking on the greenhouse door...we answered only to be pelted by a snowball!)...Louie threw 5 gallon bucketfulls of snow in retaliation to our incoming snowballs...a truce was called for the day when I put Louie into the snow half-nelson style after he buried my mittens! Nothing like good old fashioned family fun in the snow.

All of us here at D Acres hope that you and your loved ones are enjoying the true spirit of the season- a time of reflection, relaxation, and love for one another. May you joyfully look to the new year and coming season with an eye for transformation and new beginnings!
Peaceful blessings!