Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Day at the Beach

So my time in Argentina is fast heading towards my flight home. I have left Tunuyan for now. We went out with a bang with a dance party and extensive fire show. I have the chain marks to the face to prove it and we now know that "gas/oil" is about the same as diesel. Then on Sunday we grilled 5.5 kilos of carne with the maestro of asado Mario Lopez-Garcia. Leaving was definetly tough, i really relate to the people, the project and the lifestyle. That is not to say that i love the DAcres tribe anyless, Tunuyan and Vida are just super special. My last moments in Tunuyan are typical, i had called my bro Mario from Town at about 11 and he missed my wake-up call looking for his phone, I left a message and he biked over with a bike with a kiddie seat on the back and these funny arse soccer shorts and sparkling white addidas shoes, headphones and sunglasses the whole outfit...when we asked him about the baby seat he said "holy shit i lost the kid he musta flown out in a pothole"...so we proceeded to eat and talk about "safe" travels until at about 2 i decided to go ahead and call the cab since i really didnt have to be at the bus station until 5...well after 2.5 hours of waiting for a cab from various miscommunications etcetera, i decided it was time to start walking. After about 2 km of hot exercise in the Argentina sun, Mario drove by in his trash truck and picked me up and took me the rest of the way to the bus station. I really is indicative of the experience that I had in Tunuyan...with time, patience, good humor and positivity, good fortune will prevail...this is something i will try and take home for the future activities at the D Acres farm...

right now i am sitting in an internet cafe in the bus terminal of Mar de Plata which is probably equivalent to Atlantic City, NJ...it is super busy here in the peak of the summer in January but although it is supper hot to me right now, we are talking fall to the locals who are wearing scarfs and jackets to my shorts and open shirt, well from here i travel 2 hours south this pm to visit my friend Bernardo Lamas who i met several years ago at Association Gaia where we did some sustainable living exploration...Bernardo is working on a straw bale house, by himself which sounds like a major challenge so hopefully i can give a hand if only for a day before i make the 7+ hour trip back to Buenos Aires for my flight home thursday night....

gosh it has been an amazing month, for being at a farm 95% and in a bus the other 5% it has been a enriching and learning experience that i will surely not forget...in finale i suppose it is a reminder to live and love every day with the intensity and manner in which we are comfortable with the knowledge that this life will not last forever...thanks again to Vida Chavez-Garcia , mom Margot, Beltran, Mario, Favio, Emmanual, Ricardo, Madre Tierra, the people at the Kiosko for the fortys and the laughter, and the tribe at D Acres for all....enjoy life until we meet again
ciao for now
josh t

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