Sunday, April 6, 2008

Do what UUUU can!!!!!

Ahh, Spring in New England. From a day spent snowshoeing near melting streams, to a day spent helping children's full fill their childhood dreams. The fire's blazing in the evening of the greenhouse after the seedlings grow in the springtime sun. It is time and may be awhile before the ground is visible, but dreams of the first dandelions pushing up to rinse our winter pallet's will arise. Time for new growth for 2008!
Also, the blacksmith formally known as Joe is back in town wacking the old tools and equipment back in shape. We're looking to expand the blacksmith shop beyond the tipi, into the the 2-car garage, where the accessibility of the blacksmith shop will be more inviting to the community and will increase the potential for creativity at the forge. On another HOT note, following the footsteps of Uncle Delbert Gray we have started utilizing the Sugar Hut after digging through 4 inches of decomposed leaves just to open the doors. Back and better than ever a few of D Acres residents have boiled down some of New Hampshire's finest maple syrup. So far we have boiled down 210 gallons of raw sap into approximately 5 gallons of the sweetest thing you ever tasted!
CONCLUSION!!!!! The appreciation of the Dacres crew goes out to everyone.
Together! We can reach enlightenment from Community, Family, whole foods, and honest work. But, SkintzJimmy Say's LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!
THAT"S RIGHT Love ya'll LD JV dude

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