Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's been about a year.

Wow. A year has passed since I started living here. Maybe it has something to do with my watch breaking and not finding a good enough reason to buy a new one, but I've never experienced time like I have in the past year. So much progress and maintance on the farm, so many heart-touching friendships made with: interns who have come and gone, long term residents, and staff, and people of the surrounding community. It makes my head spin thinking about it. The time has flown by, but at the same time it feels like the experiences exceede those of a previous life.
Looking into the future, we're going into winter with at least 8-9 people, and possibly up to 13. That's 13 exceptionally creative people only having to shovel snow, feed fires, take care of pigs, chickens and oxen, and do chores. Plus, we'll be living in very close quarters. Luckily, any free time or insanity, that surely will arise, will quickly be unleashed on fiber crafts, ceramics, woodworking, jewelry making, silk screening, blacksmithing, music, dancing, painting, and snow ball fights. I'm excited to say the least. Not only will the arts be a blast, but also an opportunity to build up ideas and invintory for next season and allow us to rev up for the 2009 theme - something along the lines of "Arts, Tradition, and Culture".
Take your time.
-Dirty Joe

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