Monday, September 29, 2008

Now the autumn is here...

The last couple of weeks have been a wonderful whirlwind of all sorts of exciting things. Our Cultivating Wellness Conference, held Sept. 13th and 14th, went exceptionally well... a HUGE thank you to all of our speakers, practitioners, sponsors, work-traders and attendees! What an empowering experience to bring together a group of inspiring, creative teachers and healers willing to share their knowledge and energy with the D Acres community. Our 100+ participants got to experience and learn about a host of things ranging from yoga and craniosacral therapy to healing with fruits and beehive products. Vendors were set up throughout the weekend, and we celebrated the weekend with a circle dance, bonfire, and drum circle Saturday night. Good times.

The following weekend, six of us from D Acres headed east to the Maine Organic Farming & Gardening Association's Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine. Always an enjoyable adventure, the fair provided great networking, educational classes, and Maine-raised whole-wheat fried dough. Classic. We had a D Acres booth in the Agricultural Demonstration tent, where fairgoers could learn about all of the programs and activities we've got going on at the farm. Additionally, Bill, Tyler, Josh, and myself delivered a lecture entitled "Home and Community Scale Permaculture" during which we shared our experiences growing food and communities with the crowd of over 50 people who attended! We hope that folks left feeling energized and empowered to turn their lawns to gardens and share in the abundance of food and spirit with thier communities. Viva la revolucion!

Immediately after the fair, we passed through the autumn equinox (September 22nd). The equinox marks the begining of the fall season, but also the point of perfect balance between light and dark, day and night; as we celebrate the coming season, we prepare to enter into the dark time of the year. This is a well-earned time of solitude and introspection, a contrast to the bustling height of summer's long days and exuberant activities. As the days grow shorter, we are able to thrive when we embrace the darkness, the quiet times, the magic and mystery of the shadow side of ourselves and our world. Slow down, look inward, and compost what is no longer needed in your life. Autumn and winter are times of transformation, a death of the old ways of being and feeling, a journey toward the spring, when the landscape will be reborn, re-emerging from the depths of the winter.

Enjoy the bounty of the autumn harvest and the brilliance of the foliage decorating the landscape; breathe deep the crisp autumn air.


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