Sunday, November 9, 2008

Little Lebowski Achievers

This last week was definitely a hard one to be at D Acres. Not only did the farm lose two valued members of it's community, Bill and Lauren, but also Tyler has taken a much needed hiatus. This hits hard personally because the original reason I came to know of D Acres was through high school buddy Lauren B. She planted the seed of sustainability in me. After not seeing each other for at least eight years, somehow we were rejoined in this effort to try and create something and be a part of something different.

It was amazing having Bill as a part of the whole experience and watching how the two of them complemented each other. I had so many great times with both of you. I especially loved all the summer nights at the bonfire, playing music together and listening to Lauren sing. Sorry, for each time you thought Dakota was kidnapped because I was walking him, but I couldn't resist playing with such an awesome dog. Thanks for the trips to FAT BOBS and the swimming holes and teaching me how to catch a chicken on the fly. It really is best to hold a hen like a football.

I don't want this to sound like some soppy story, because I know this is not the end to this relationship. Eventually we will unite once again and as Bill put it, "we are all working on the same land." I wish the both of you the best of luck in Maine, and in dirty Jersey, no matter where you are. The two of you are beautiful and I hope you continue to spread your wealth of knowledge to other communities.

At least we got to take it out in V.I.P. style before you left. Kick it.
Keep in touch, well I'll see you by Christmas anyway. Love ya all.


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