Monday, November 24, 2008

What Happens in a Meadow at Dusk?

As the days shorten, I find myself succumbing to the need to turn inward, both mind and body. I feel inclined to silence, and in that spirit, the following observations will be rather concise.

The cold is striking. A glimpse of the bitter and unforgiving winter yet to come. As cynical as this sounds, it is the truth, and it is not to say that I am not wholeheartedly up to this challenge.

In terms of the farm itself, the last of the gardens are being put to bed this week, the few remaining root vegetables are being pulled up, and firewood is stacked to the roof.

I look forward to my new position as staff, and also to continued planning for the upcoming year. In 2009 our focus will be on Arts & Ecology. Personally, as an artist I will have an amazing opportunity to grow and in turn, share my humble experience and knowledge with others. As an organization, D Acres will grow by addressing a need in our society that is often overlooked or short-changed. Possibilities are truly endless.

The reason I came back to the farm was my thirst for a simple way of life. It's hard at times, but ultimately rewarding of course. Simple pleasures are in no short supply at D Acres. Sunday afternoon, Louie, Eve, Kevin and I stood at the edge of the pond in awe of Beth, the unexpected figure skater extraordinaire. A beautiful moment.


Finally, I would like to bid a final farewell to "The Duck", a confused but kind-spirited vagabond in a cruel world of angry chickens and vicious pigs. As a vulnerable wondering soul, I feel as though I should have done more to prevent his untimely death.


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louie'sfolks said...

that girl has more talents than most. you all are fortunate to have her at DAcres