Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Plan

I often find my mind wondering to anticipation of the spring and summer months. Green pastures, swimming holes, dandelions, and bees. It’s important to remind myself to live in the present and appreciate all that January has to offer. It’s a period of calm reflection and thought. A time to consider the past, and use it to plan for the future. A time of creation. A time to fill our heads with the books we didn’t get to during the warmer months. It’s a time to embrace the people around you, know them, learn from them.

Many of the past few months have been spent sorting out aims and expectations, as well as the logistics of both. Although we may appear similar on the surface, D Acres is blessed with a diverse group of people this year. With a group of about ten of us here at any given time, communication is vital to creating a way of working towards a shared goal.

A dozen piglets were born just last week. Those who survive the bitter winter will travel this journey with us for the next year. They will see our ups and downs, the obstacles we overcome and those that conquer us. They will celebrate our successes with us in the fall, and overhear us analyze our failures next winter. We anticipate all of this with a great sense of hope coupled with a fevered determination.

On a significantly lighter note, we look forward to the Democracy Dance Party on January 23rd. Black Bear Moon Rhythm Ensemble will be here, playing their energetic traditional West African drumming for us from 8 to 11pm. Come dance with us! What better way to generate heat on a cold January night?


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