Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When a Chipmunk Stumbles Upon a Bear

Heave ho! It’s the farm life for me. The trees pile up. Rolled into place by steal bars after the oxen drag with almost all their might. August sometimes just does not want to move, letting you know he is tired by stepping over the chain connected to a log, putting his head down and dropping a huge load of crap your way. The snow is better with a slight crust on top, the oxen get better grip and the logs glide across the almost one foot snowcap that is resting everywhere.

Have not encountered any bears, must be off resting for the winter months before awakening to chase us all, in a polite manner of coarse, it is their land we are living on. Brings the question, who did come first? The bear or the native human? If only the world could behold such an epic battle between black bear and a native chief, a fight to the death per say to prove whose land this really is. (Maybe an answer to this question. In Perennial Vegetables, Eric Toensmier states bears have been on American soil for the last 13,ooo years.)

It seems here at D Acres we have a resident Chipmunk. His given name is Tyler and he loves nuts, spending many hours perfecting the technique of hand cracking pecan nuts. This man causes me to be perplexed on occasion. Spent a day in Norwich, Vermont recently attending the monthly farmers market, this time was spent along side my chipmunk friend telling folks about what goes on at D Acres while trying to sell a few hand crafted projects. After the market we all met up in Hanover for a night on the town, nice to get out and see that the rest of the world is still ticking away out there.

News of the snow lasting till April hit me yesterday. In coming from southern Ohio where six inches of snow causes panic, school cancellations, ditches filled with motorists and their carbon producing machines, the thought of over a foot of snow on the ground for five months of the year is something new to me. Looking forward to my continued stay in Dorchester, New Hampshire, where the sun wakes me up as it rises for the day from behind the White Mountains. Each day we say hello and each night goodbye, knowing more than likely the great star in the sky will return as a source of joy in the next morn.

Peace to your heart
Joy to your Spirit
and lots of love straight to yo face!

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