Monday, April 20, 2009

Did you hear that?

Perhaps one of my favorite conversations from the week occurred while making breakfast on Wednesday. Joe and I were discussing the array of noises we hear from our tree houses. The most recent addition this past week was the infamous wood frogs in the pond by the G-Animal house. They sound a bit like ducks impersonating chickens (see me for a very accurate rendition of said call).
Then Joe asked me if I've heard someone trying to start a generator throughout the night but was never successful as getting it going.
Well, after discussing it some more and hearing Joe's interpretation of the noise I realized he was referring to the ruffed grouse, which I've totally been enjoying hearing. You see, the male ruffed grouse is into percussion. He'll find a hollowed out log then flap his wings creating some amplified beats throughout the woods trying to attract that special someone. Pretty awesome. Joe's description of starting up a generator works well to describe the noise.
Also, I've noticed the early morning bird chorus is rapidly changing and growing, even just in the past week. Sure, the woodpeckers are still getting things going, robins then chime in, those grouse keeping the rhythm but then the most most beautiful melodies have been surfacing, so many that it's been difficult to pick out what birds are involved.
There are some noises that I've been hearing that Joe has not. These are the noises of my roommates: squirrels and mice. One mouse was dangerously close to my head the other night. However, for the most part these roommates of mine our respectful and keep to themselves. And after all they were there first.

So next up in noises should be the spring peepers. The tiny little frogs that throw their voices in all directions creating an epic evening chorus. I bet that yesterday (Sunday) would be the day. Clearly, I lost.
This week seems very promising though...

Listen up!

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