Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Thought for Food

My work focus since mid-March and continuing on through April and May consists of compiling farm information, soliciting advertisers, and graphic design and layout in order to produce and distribute the 3rd Edition of the Pemi-Baker Local Food Directory. We want to make this small booklet available by Memorial Day weekend--in time for the full jump into the summer growing season. It is exciting to know that we will be including at least a dozen more farms and a handful of new local businesses and services.

Now more than ever, this is the time to Think and Act Locally.

In the promotional letter we sent out to local businesses--an advertising solicitation that will allow us the funds to produce the Guide, we wrote, "Localization of food, goods, and services is vital to the health and growth of rural counties. Knowing one’s neighbors, farmers, and businesses increases the overall well being of a community and creates a unique thriving economy. At D Acres, we are interested in a legacy of local industry that will ensure food security, nutrition, and community sustainability--the Local Food Guide is a small step in that direction."

Wendell Barry, in an essay he wrote in 2001 states, "the idea of a local economy rests upon only two principles: neighborhood and subsistence..." We provide what we need and what we will use to those who live near us. Is it that simple? I'm not sure, but I'd like to think so.

In that same letter, we addressed the uncertainty and instability of the economic times, " We...are inclined to believe that purposeful and intentional investment in the local community is a long-term investment in the wealth of the local economy." Circulating our money within a local radius decreases our dependency on goods and services imported from miles away, therefore decreasing our dependency on fossil fuels, in turn decreasing the violence, war, and even crime that harms humans, animals, and the Earth. This is my belief.

Some of it is founded in books, essays, and gleaned from teachers, and some of it comes from the pure experience of growing, caring for, preparing, and eating good, clean, nutritious whole food.

I look forward to all the food events we have here on the farm with sincerity, and believe we are providing an environment that vibrates with change for how we view our food. We love to share conversation and "good times" around a bowl full of seasonal soup and fresh baked bread, or a potluck plate of a little of this and little of that. Please come and join us in celebrating "neighborhood and subsistence"--it is simple and refreshing.

With Warmth,

Upcoming D Acres Food Events:
Full Moon Potluck, Friday April 10, 6-9pm
Seasonal Soup Night, Saturday April 18, 6-9pm

Other Local Food Happenings:
Flavors of the Valley, Tuesday April 21, 2-7pm Hartford High School, White River Junction, VT


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