Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day In, Day Out.

What a life. Each day there is another challenge; whether it's figuring out how to replace the engine belts on the truck when all of the bolts you need to loosen are so rusted they break before they turn, interpersonal differences, love, comrads coming and going, dropping orange-hot steel in my muck boot, buying a motorcycle and riding it half way across the country, figuring out how to make a traditional arts fair happen for seven months, doing blacksmith demonstrations on top of Loon Mt. twice a week, nursing Augusts'(the oxen)hoov back to health when he doesn't want the help, tons of blacksmith workshops and private lessons, or "conflict resolution" meetings, the learning continues.
One day at a time

growing a little futher,
becoming a little stronger,

falling apart,
putting it back together a little better,

growing a little further,
becoming a little stronger.

Joe the blacksmith

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