Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our hands show who we are

This week freshman orientation came to our compost piles. Shoveling through quite recognizable ox manure and rank chicken bedding, these students were remarkably willing and eager to get dirty. "No one will believe I did this! But I did!" - was the general sentiment.

Our potato beds and our ox pasture were transformed with similar well intentions.

Perhaps a piece of our life - the rhythms of working the land, living off of gardens and via hard work, aware of the sun and the seasons - stayed with these kids as well. Hopefully longer than the dirt they invariably washed off in the showers they were anticipating with great relief.

We, the residents of D Acres, got routinely dirty this week as well (though our dedication to showering is less reliable). Weeding (cabbage); cutting daises and yarrow; weeding (peppers); seeding daikon; weeding (squash); transplanting more cabbage; weeding (begone bindweed!); harvesting beans, carrots, turnips, beets, daikon, kale, cabbage, chard, tomatoes, greens; weeding (blueberries)...

...and that's just in the gardens. Henri and August stretched their legs pulling in brush, progress was made on the new greenhouse roof, spoons were carved, things repaired, animals fed, compost turned. Our hands bear the stains of our respective endeavors. We share in the pride of a calloused hand-shake.

Of course, it's not all work and no play. Last night was our monthly Open Mic event, at which guitars and bass strings pushed back our early bedtime. Tomorrow, Sunday, is our monthly volunteer day. Join us for a day, and enjoy a farm-fresh lunch! Next week, be sure to stop by for our combo Potluck/Pizza Night Sept.4, and our signature Farm Feast Breakfast on Sunday Sept 6.

And please don't overlook our Traditional Arts Fair. Sept 12, all day long - workshops, demonstrations, performances - check out our website or give us a ring for details. [ or 603-786-2366] From fiber arts to ceramics to woodworking to blacksmithing to music and theatrical performances, this is not an event to be missed. Promise.

Did I mention I've yet to be back a full week here at the farm?

That's right, all this work and excitement covers only the past six days. Yes, it's a busy place with lots going on. It's a beautiful, lush place - in the work being pursued, in the vibrancy of the people, in its verdant green-ness, in it's ideals. D Acres can be many things to many people, but you've got to make it here first. Come find out what D Acres means to you!

Merriment and wisdom to all ~


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