Monday, March 3, 2008

Now it's March...

and yes, it's still snowing. Or at least is was on Saturday, when I work up before the sun to drive to the NOFA-NH (Northeast Organic Farming Association, New Hampshire chapter) Winter Conference. Now, don't get me wrong, the New England snowy winter is a wonderful thing...but I miss the plants! The medicinal plants of our gardens and forest, to be specific...I've included some pics above. But, I am looking forward to so many aspects of spring...the warming air, the rebirth of the soil as the snow melts...

But for now, the NOFA conference provided a fantastic opportunity for knowledge and inspiration until we can actually get back out in the gardens. Both Bill and I presented at the conference this year- Bill taught a Season Extension/4 Season Gardening workshop, and I did a "Gardening for Health" lecture, presenting the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and emotional benefits of gardening. Good times.

Ross Conrad, of Natural Beekeeping fame, travelled from VT to present a fantastic beginner beekeeping workshop. I also gained some "herbal kitchen" inspiration from Maria Noel Groves of Wintergreen Botanicals (made my own Ginger Honey already!) and some sweet-potato know-how from Becky Grube of UNH's sustainable horticulture program. Friend-of-the-farm Mark Fulford was there as well- we are greatly looking forward to Mark joining us in May for a two-day workshop at D Acres.

We had a lovely Farm Feast Breakfast and Reiki Share yesterday...Coming up on March 29th, I have the first of a three-part herbal medicine series to teach...Herbs for Wellness, which will focus on tonic herbs that are wonderful for everyday/long term use.

Guess that's it for now...see you at the farm!


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Michelle Dunn said...

I am with you Lauren, looking forward to seeing the plants! The farm feast breakfast was awesome as usual, and I am looking forward to your "Herbs for Wellness" series!