Monday, March 24, 2008

Peace in NH, Iraq, and Tibet

Demonstrators of all ages at the state capital.
"What do we want? PEACE! When do we want it? NOW!"

Nice Block Prints!

Last Saturday a group of us ventured out from the farm to attend a demonstration for peace in Concord and a teach-in featuring Will the Plymouth area Iraq war veteran. After a small discussion group with Will about his experiences, we all took part in some exercises to help develop our non-violent conflict resolution skills. Then we marched together to the capitol building with the golden roof. It was empowering to be in the presence of fellow New Hampshire folk who are committed to finding better ways to resolve our conflicts than blowing people up. The leftist marching band was in attendance, as was my good friend, Larry Brickner Wood, director of UNH's Waysmeet Center. Also wanted to thank Rick Churchill of People, Places, and Plants magazine for visiting us from Maine. Hope to see you back when the snow melts, Rick!

These shoes were tagged with the names of soldiers killed
in the Iraq conflict. 4,000 US soldiers have already been killed,
along with over 1 million Iraqi civilians. May the rest come home safely.

Buddhist monestary just outside of Tibet

That evening we hosted our first D Acres Saturday Seasonal Soup Night, which featured squash soup, chicken soup, and flat bread, mmm mmm can't get enough of Louie's cooking. Everyone who came out enjoyed a bottomless bowl and we were all treated to Tyler Durham's presentation on his trip to China.

I later found out that while we were demonstrating in Concord, there were simultaneous protests in Tibet. After almost 60 years of oppression and cultural deconstruction by the Chinese government, Tibetan monks and lay people have taken to the streets to bring worldwide attention to the human rights violations occuring in their homeland. China is trying to put its best foot forward with the Olympics coming up this year, and Tibetans have recognized this as an opportunity to request help from the rest of the world. Please think twice before purchasing anymore plastic from China, as there is much suffering contained in these products. More info on this situation can be found at

May peace be with the Tibetan people.


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