Wednesday, September 19, 2007

First Frost is Here and Snow's a' Comin'

Over the weekend, Bill and I were asked when the first frost generally hits this part of New Hampshire. Our reply was something to the effect of, "Well, the tomatoes are about ripe, so anytime now really..." Sure enough, early Monday morning we woke to a chill in the air and a crunch beneath our feet as we headed out into the frost. Luckily, crop damage was minimal thanks in part to a late-night effort to cover the sensitive crops Sunday p.m. (we tucked the squash, zucchini, and field tomatoes in under remay and blankets, and closed up the greenhouses). We should have a little time before snow falls (and I'm hoping a few more late-season thunderstorms will roll through), but there is much to do here at the farm...our focus over the next few weeks will be on lots of final weeding projects, preparing the garden beds and perennials for winter, and we are beginning our general snow preparations.

My family (there they are, at right, in our homestead...Hi Mom, Dad, and Lisa!) came to visit D Acres this weekend. They spent three days in lovely Dorchester, NH, where they got to see the piglets and walk our gardens, and they met our wonderful hostel guests from California as well as a number of our neighbors at the potluck we hosted on Sunday. We visited the swimmin' hole and some historic sites in Dorchester, and we went out for dinner at the Six Burner Bistro in Plymouth, NH, which everyone raved about all weekend (Thanks to Chef/Owner Rob Kelly for a fantastic dinner once again!).

Bill and I also became You Tube celebrities this past week...check out our interview our friend Ruben, the Urban Healer, who visited our farm from New York City in this video clip, which shares some organic farming and herbal medicine ideas as well as why a visit to D Acres is good for body and soul: Organic Farm Vacation!

Have we mentioned that D Acres is also a FUN place to be...
check out this clip of Ruben on the local rope swing: Mexican Tarzan
Now if that doesn't look like a good time...


P.S. Check out Ruben's web site ( to learn many things about how you can eat and live healthier, especially if you live in or around NYC!

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