Thursday, September 6, 2007


Hats off to Louie
Bill and Louie chilling at the skinny shack

Chips fly

Bill and Louie discussing proper chainsaw saftey techniques

Today sept 6 started overcast with a thunderstorm in the works...sorta awkward...there was alot of harvesting done for the farmer's market, I focused on the new greenhouse and we were able to set the panes of glass in before a 1pm safety meet...Lauren went to the farmer's market and Bill, Louie and I went to the woods...We surveyed a new section of trail to be cut and then hiked through to the neighbor's to look at a roofing job...then Bill went to cook dinner and Louie and I cut some trail...The trail project is really going welll and we are making good progress towards improving access to the woods....Around dinner i went to a board meeting of the Cardigan Mt Art Assoc, always a hoot, lots of interesting people and conversation...I feel strongly that there is a swelling of the movement of community and localization that is empowering and inspiring as you read this, you just gotta believe, intend and participate!!
tomorrow we are to finish some aspects of the greenhouse roof, do some more trail work and clean house...there is a film in the evening called the Power of Community about the Cuba experience when cheap oil was cut off with the collapse of Communist Russia, a real life example of the transformation we need to make with increasing environmental and economic costs of fossil fuels...look forward to getting some shut eye on these comfy cool nights...looks like a late season blast of warm weather is coming through this weekend, amybe a couple last trips to the swimming holes...see ya there jt

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Betty Ann said...

Friday noc, September 7,2007

Just got back from viewing movie at D Acres - the Power of Community. It was an inspirational yet practical story of how the Cubans overcame peak oil when it occurred suddenlty with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the embargos of the United States. Instead of starving, these people pulled together and developed a transition from corporate (in this case central government) agriculture to urban gardens and small farmer permaculture. The transition not only provided the populace with the food they needed, but improved the health of the nation substantially decreasing diabetes and heart disease. Makes one hope that peak oil may force this country into saner food production and healthier eating.
As always enjoyed the company. I continue to be amazed at how I meet at least one new person at every activity - tonight I met three new people, enjoyed the chicken soup and sandwiches, and got to catch up with several people I hadn't seen for awhile! Great evening.