Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Winemaking and a Visit from The Kid

Bill E. taught a winemaking workshop this Sunday. Lisa (my sister) and I harvested grapes from the vines in the Mandala garden early that morning, and we had a lot of help from the D Acres crew and guests alike in harvesting and processing elderberries in preparation for the workshop. Everyone's favorite part seemed to be the crushing of grapes and elderberries with our (clean) feet (see my foot, covered in the wonderfully medicinal elderberry juice, as I pose with Bill in his chef attire, above), and, of course, the wine tasting at the end of the workshop. We tasted and bottled a white wine that we had made in early spring, and began the fermentation of an elderberry and a mixed grape wine from our fruit. Good times, good times.

We also had a special guest star at the farm this weekend. "The Kid," aka Jeff, was here to visit Louis D. Holland (see those two, above, near the Ox Hovel) straight outta Greenville, North Carolina. The Kid made himself right at home here at D Acres, helping Louie with the oxen and the pigs, and doing a step dance on top of a flaming pile of pallets at the fire pit. And you said it couldn't be done.


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