Tuesday, September 4, 2007

post-labor day

This is Josh, I am the current director and a long term resident of D Acres. We just finished an exciting labor day weekend. There was a lot of outdoor activity with climbing and rope swings. We had campfires and music at night. Sunday was Bill E's (farm manager) b-day and we saluted him with a big log on the fire that was like a flaming phallus, then i caught myself on fire and we went inside for the dance party. Nothing got broke but it was a great party. On Sunday we also met two exciting and inspirational new friends...Margo y Vida are starting a farm project close to Mendoza Argentina and with the D Acres trip to Argentina planned for January the serendipity is immense. It was also great that our NYC friends came back special thanks to Brian, Ann, Dee, Martin, Alli y the Urban Healer (Rubin) for a tremedous weekend...keep the groove alive!!!
Today I am to run errands on the upper valley side to pick up flour and chicken food. The crew is harvesting and preserving apples, kale, beans,...when i get back we are going to meet and discuss plans for a class we are to teach at Plymouth State University this spring...I am also looking to proceed with some construction work on the new greenhouse today...all in all it will be another busy week as we have workshops and a long list of tasks at hand before the ground freezes and the snow falls...


Michelle Dunn said...

So exciting to see you have a blog! GREAT pictures! Sounds like you were and still are very busy on the farm. Have a great week!

Suki said...

it was fantastic to spend farm day with you guys...and I'm looking forward to seeing all of you again, soon (really soon).

maybe you can teach me that fire trick, eh?